The People Behind The Camera



Terry Green

Terry Green is the founder and president of Strata Productions, Inc., a motion picture production company in Illinois. The Camera will be the fourth feature film he has directed under this moniker. Mr. Green’s previous films include the award-winning Almost Salinas, Heavens Fall and No God, No Master. He has directed several notable actors, including David Strathairn, Timothy Hutton, John Mahoney, Virginia Madsen, LeeLee Sobieski, Anthony Mackie, James Tolkan, Maury Chakin, Lindsay Crouse and Ray Wise.





Paul Sanchez

Director of Photography Paul Sanchez has an impressive résumé that spans twenty years in the motion picture industry. Mr. Sanchez has been the eyes behind the camera for some of Hollywood’s most successful blockbusters, including Sideways, 3:10 to Yuma, Death At a Funeral, Drag Me to Hell, Magic, Carnivàle, and Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. On set, he is a consummate professional with unique skills and talents coveted by directors. In a phrase, he knows how to get the shot. Paul was Director of Photography on Strata’s Heavens Fall and No God, No Master, and will helm that position on The Camera.


Wade Danielson

Wade Danielson is a veteran Producer, Director & First Assistant Director of both independent and mainstream feature films, with over sixty motion pictures to his credit. Born and raised in Minneapolis, he has called Los Angeles his home for the majority of his career. A member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America, Mr. Danielson produced Terry Green’s first two feature films, Almost Salinas and Heavens Fall. The Camera is in capable hands with this seasoned Producer.


Nuno Malo

Nuno Malo is one of the movie industry’s most respected film composers. A native of Portugal, Nuno was awarded Breakout Composer of the Year 2010 at the IFMCA Awards, where he was also nominated for Best Original Score for a Drama Film with his score for the Portuguese biopic Amalia (alongside The Kings Speech, Black Swan, True Grit and Karate Kid). His score for LUV was nominated for Best Score for a Feature Film at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards 2012 (next to Lincoln, Life of Pi, Skyfall, The Master, The Hobbit and Rise of The Guardians). Mr. Malo is that unique breed of composer who seamlessly blends elements from classical, modern, and ethnic music. His balanced command of traditional and new film scoring techniques produces an original combination of sounds that breathes emotion into all of his work.